Hello My Name is LED

Today we’re releasing our first open source electronics kit – an LED Nametag.

It comes with 4 built-in programs: all letters on, letter chase, fade, and blink. It also includes a power-save mode.

The code is open source and you can reprogram the nametag by adding an ISP header.

The LED layout is pretty simple. It’s 20 columns across and 5 rows down. It’s sub-divided into blocks of 4 columns by 5 rows. This is the most granular control (and used by the letter chase effect).

As part of the project, we’ve developed a simple font and a name layout tool. Check it out and see how your name will look!

I’d love it if people came up with additional fonts, icons, symbols, etc. that could be displayed on the name tags. Please get in touch if you come up with something!

I am really happy with how this kit came out. The PCBs took a few revisions to get ‘just right’, but they do look great.

Check out the kit on the nametag project page.

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